Ryan Hemingway

Managing Director

Ryan is an operator and strategist.  Throughout his undergrad he was a flight instructor set on becoming a commercial airline pilot.  After a number of entrepreneurial experiences, he realized he was happier solving unique and challenging problems and switched focus.  As a Corporate Bond Trader he increased his trading performance through data analysis and backtesting of historic data.  He also redesigned the risk management and hedging strategy resulting in a large reduction in borrowing costs.  While building the Private Bank in Nevada, he did a little of everything, launching new products and partnerships, optimizing sales strategy, marketing and branding.

Ryan has been investing with EPIC Ventures for 10 years. His investments include Cloud Lending (acquired by Q2 Holdings NYSE: QTWO), Mirador (acquired by Cuna Mutual), Lytics, RecVue, Numetric, Homie, Western Peaks Logistics, MagicCube, Paystand and Datazoom.  He co-leads the investment team which oversees deal sourcing, analysis, network development and training future investors.     

Ryan enjoys working with students. He taught Entrepreneurial Management as an adjunct professor, and is currently a board member of the Utah State Entrepreneurial Founds Board where he mentors young entrepreneurs.  

Ryan has a BS in Psychology, and a MSS in Economics from Utah State University and an MBA from the University of Oxford. 


  • MBA – University of Oxford
  • MSS – Utah State University
  • BS – Utah State University


  • Numetric
  • Western Peaks Logistics
  • RecVue
  • Lytics
  • MagicCube
  • Homie
  • Datazoom
  • Paystand


  • Cloud Lending (Q2 Holdings)
  • Mirador (CUNA Mutual)
  • Left Lane Sports