Mike Herring

Mike Herring has been the Business Finance Officer at Google since March of 2018.

For more than a decade, I was the CFO of emerging and disruptive publicly traded companies – Pandora, Omniture and – and led global operations at Adobe through its pivot to Cloud before becoming a senior finance leader at Google. In addition to the expected financial and administrative responsibilities of a CFO, I have built and managed teams of finance, strategy, sales, operations, content licensing and investor relations professionals ranging in size from 12 to 1,800 and interfaced directly with hundreds of venture capital, private equity and public market sell and buy side analysts and investors as well as press and government regulators.

Overall, I’ve spent 25+ years working at public and private companies focused on creating or penetrating changing markets by utilizing massive amounts of data to drive product development, growth and revenue. During my tenure at these companies, I led teams that supported these efforts by developing new business models, successfully integrating acquisitions and / or evolving business operations addressing opportunities in advertising and subscription in consumer internet and B2C and B2B SAAS software.