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Department of Defense
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Derek Smith

Four time founder/CEO, building technology companies in cyber-security, information assurance, host-based security and computer-aided design. 

Derek is the Co-founder and CEO of Shape Security.  Based in Mountain View, CA, Shape is developing a fundamentally new security technology to defend websites, mobile API’s, and increasingly IOT devices from automated attacks.  Shape protects major banks, airlines, retailers and U.S. Government agencies.  

Previously Derek was Senior Advisor for Cyber-Policy and at the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the U.S. Department of Defense, based at the Pentagon. Previous to that, Derek was VP Cyber-Security at Raytheon, a global defense contractor. Derek was the co-founder and CEO of Oakley Networks.  Oakley Networks developed the first data-leakage protection and insider threat network security technology.  Its technology is deployed throughout the U.S. DoD/IC and the Fortune 500.  Oakley was acquired by Raytheon (NYSE:RTN) in 2007.