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Dec 20, 2006

WITNESS Launches Channel for Human Rights Activism on DivX Stage6

WITNESS Video Provides Local Activist Voices with a Global Impact

WITNESS, the pioneering organization for human rights video and activism, today announced the launch of an interactive online video channel on the new DivX Stage6 service at http://stage6.divx.com/Witness.

The WITNESS channel on Stage6 explores human rights issues from across the globe in an up-close, personalized manner. The videos are made by courageous human rights defenders working to expose and create positive change around issues ranging from child soldiers, violence against women, mental disability rights, slave labor, and the use of rendition and torture by the US in the 'war on terror.'

"WITNESS is an organization dedicated to raising consciousness about human rights issues and spread the ability of local activists to create a global community to defend basic liberties," said Chutinthara Tina Gongsakdi of WITNESS. "Thanks to DivX and their Internet community Stage6, we are now able to distribute high-quality, full length video which we were never able to do before. This will help us spread the word about what is really going on in the world, and how we can change it, to a new and larger audience."

"WITNESS video is exactly the kind of engaged content we love to see on DivX Stage6," said Darrius Thompson, CXO, Community and Internet, at DivX, Inc. "The WITNESS team has been able to create real progress through passion and innovation, and has opened up a whole new audience to human rights on a basic level. And now that audience can experience WITNESS content in high-quality, downloadable DivX video. At the same time, the Stage6 community of video enthusiasts is getting introduced to WITNESS' unique viewpoint."

To view any WITNESS content in high-quality DivX video, and engage with the filmmakers directly, visit the WITNESS channel at http://stage6.divx.com/Witness.

About Witness

WITNESS uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. By partnering with local organizations around the globe, WITNESS empowers human rights defenders to use video to shine a light on those most affected by human rights violations, and to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools of justice. Over the past decade, WITNESS has partnered with groups in more than 70 countries, bringing often unseen images, untold stories, and seldom heard voices to the attention of key decision makers, the media, and the general public -- catalyzing grassroots activism, political engagement, and lasting change.

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