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EPIC Venture Fund Fourth Quarter 2010 Newsletter

Ingeo Completes Most Productive Month in Company History,

Poised for Accelerating Revenues and Profitability

  Ingeo, the premier U.S. ele ctronic recording provider for the real estate marketplace, today announced that October 2010 was the most productive month in the company’s 14-year history, both in terms of revenues and profitability.

“We are encouraged by the tremendous momentum we are achieving,” said Karl Klessig, CEO of Ingeo. “Propelled by a surge in mortgage lending submitters to our system coupled with an expanding footprint of counties using Ingeo’s electronic network, we are now ideally positioned to extend our leadership in the real estate e-recording market.”

While specific revenue figures for the private company are proprietary, Ingeo established new standards for revenue and profitability in October 2010—eclipsing the record totals the company achieved in September 2010. Already, 2010 is the most profitable and highest revenue-producing year in company history. Ingeo is on pace to double its 2009 revenues this year. Buttressed by current contracts in place, the company anticipates that its 2011 revenues will double 2010 performance.

Reinforcing Ingeo’s strong revenue and profitability performance, transaction volume has grown more than 25 percent in each successive quarter of 2010. Q4 2010 is on pace to exceed Q3 volume by 27 percent, with annual 2010 transaction volume anticipated to more than double last year’s numbers.

“Electronic records are the future of the real estate ecosystem, and we are extremely bullish on Ingeo,” said Kent Madsen, managing director of EPIC Ventures, a major investor in Ingeo. “There is an emerging wave of demand for cost-effective and time-saving electronic recording services, and we have no doubt that with its excellent leadership and staff, Ingeo is the company in the industry best able to take advantage of this trend.”

Ingeo has built the nation’s largest county e-recording network: it currently services a population base of 130 million (43 percent of the U.S. population) in 31 states, and plans to increase its population coverage an additional 30 million in the next year to encompass the majority of the nation’s population. The company’s customer base has more than doubled in the past year.

In addition to expanding its customer base, Ingeo is working to develop technology and product enhancements to its iRecord™ county e-recording solution—already the industry’s most comprehensive. The company is also working diligently to expand its e-mortgage offering and other services in response to industry demand from banks, title companies, attorneys, mortgage firms, county recorders and other users of electronic records.

“We’ve been proud to work with Ingeo for several years,” said Jeremy Pomerantz, SVP at Nationwide Title Clearing in Palm Harbor, Florida. “Providing document services for eight of the nation’s top 10 servicers, we are constantly driven to innovate. Working with a partner like Ingeo has made it easier to take our documents to some of the nation’s County Recorders electronically, resulting in cost savings for us and superior service levels for our customers.”

Q &A with Karl Klessig, CEO of Ingeo Systems, Inc.  

Q: Briefly describe Ingeo’s product.

Ingeo Systems, Inc. is in the business of electronically recording land title documents.  Whether they be mortgages, deeds, liens, release, assignments, etc. these documents   have traditionally been paper based, requiring physical delivery, individual check payments, tracking follow-up, return to the originator and follow-up to the borrower.  All of this results in a significant set of steps that incurred considerable costs, required substantial labor, and which was difficult for lenders to remain in compliance meeting all the legal and time constraints.  Ingeo developed a very unique workflow engine which combined with a proprietary database catalogs the requirements of the lender and each of their more than 100 possible documents and applies rules and logic to deliver the correct formatted information unique to each of the thousands of recording jurisdictions residing in county offices.  This one-to-one matching, which occurs dynamically for each transaction, is a major feature of the service we offer.  Combined with daily reconciliation of payment accounts for each submitter and each receiving county results in a high yield system that has substantially improved the throughput and dramatically reduced the errors.   Another cornerstone of our capability is to meet all the legal, security and regularity requirements for each transaction.

Q: How does Ingeo Systems, Inc.  uniquely stand out among their competition?

Initially a number of companies decided to tackle the entire mortgage document business, and all of them failed except Ingeo.  Ingeo took a different track choosing to focus exclusively on the recording aspect assuming that the production and consumer management side would be dealt with by the lenders and their primary vendors.  Ingeo started out with a workflow engine recognizing that the process was much more complex than most people were appreciating.  By focusing on the flow, the document style and content, the electronic signing and notarizing, and the electronic payments Ingeo was able to optimize the process and build a best of breed service.  By combining this with enterprise level operation and security we were able to deliver a result for the most demanding clients.  Ingeo took this approach to the largest lenders in the U.S. and was able to get virtually every major lender to sign on for the service, enabling Ingeo to both scale its operation and  help to justify to the county and state agencies the need to accept this approach.  Ingeo has been actively working with state legislators to enable the legislation that allows the process to operate and be legally acceptable.

Q: What in your background enabled you to have the skills you needed to develop Ingeo Systems, Inc. product?

A: I have been fortunate to be responsible for delivering successful results at a number of enterprise corporations including Quadratron, Enterprise Solutions, Isocor, Critical Path
and Xdrive Technologies.  With a technical background in Physics and Mathematics I can relate to the requirements of the industry and what it takes to deliver a successful product as well as guide the development team producing a highly complex technical solution.  Based upon this experience I also focused on making it a transaction based process.  I also have managed quite a range of companies, both in size and location and was familiar with what it takes to sign and manage enterprise level customers.  Doing a turnaround, which was essentially a complete restart is something I enjoy and thrive on, creating the discipline to make it happen.

Q: What has helped Ingeo Systems progress the most in terms of getting the product off the ground and into the market?

Perseverance, persistence and scalability.  Dealing with banking institutions that are slow to change combined with county and state governments that almost never alter their process requires much perseverance to encourage and enact change, even when the value proposition appears obvious.  Ingeo is almost fifteen years old and has been working to enact electronic recording for ten years.  We never gave up and kept on pursuing the lenders and counties until we got both sides to a critical mass that supported the volume that was needed to achieve a profit.  As we grow our essentially fixed cost operation is resulting in dramatically increasing margins.  Finally we knew that we had to scale dramatically to pull this off and scaling was a major component of everything we have done.  It was something that could not be an afterthought.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with EPIC Ventures?

We are one of the oldest companies in Epic’s portfolio.  Starting out with the Wasatch Venture Funds and evolving from there we have been fortunate to have Epic partners on our Board to support Ingeo through its long gestation period and   to provide the guidance that was needed.  Epic was already an investor when I came on board and there was never any hesitancy about supporting the Company once we had a viable plan in place.

Q: Where do you go from here?

  The land title document market we currently serve is still largely untapped with more than ninety percent still available.  Ingeo has already begun working on a solution for the automobile market and has had discussions with potential customers and partners in the insurance, medical and legal markets.  Any one of these offers substantial opportunity for growth.

Portfolio Company Highlight

Iosil Energy To Ramp Up Groveport Plant

Although he lives in New Mexico, Iosil Energy Corp. CEO  Earl Fuller  feels right at home in Groveport where his company has started to develop a pilot plant that will produce polysilicon, a raw material for solar cells.Iosil looked at sites in several states, including New Mexico where it is based, but felt Ohio and Groveport were the best spot for the $13.5 million facility, Fuller said. State and local financial incentives, Central Ohio’s high-quality work force, a favorable building lease and a business climate friendly to renewable energy companies clinched the deal.

“The reality,” Fuller said, “is that we found the enthusiasm and opportunity to be greater in Ohio. It’s nice to be wanted.”

The state has awarded Iosil a 50 percent job creation tax credit worth an estimated $254,500 over six years. Fuller said the company also has been offered a $500,000 business recruitment grant from the state and hopes to qualify for funding from Ohio’s Third Frontier technology development program.

In addition, Groveport will abate 100 percent of the real property tax for Iosil’s 30,700-square-foot facility off Green Point Drive through 2015, said  Jeff Green , the village’s development director.

In return, Ohio and Groveport get a plant that’s expected to employ about 20 people when it goes online in nine to 12 months. Fuller said the facility, which Iosil took possession of in September, will serve as a showcase for customers, investors and suppliers as Iosil tries to build its business.

If all goes well in Groveport, the three-year-old company will be able to take its production of high-purity polysilicon from the pilot stage to commercial-scale manufacturing in the next few years, Fuller said. That would drive the need for a larger plant that could employ an estimated 120 people.

“There’s a ready market to take up our product as soon as we’re ready to manufacture it,” he said, noting that more than 80 percent of the world’s $20 billion-a-year solar industry makes solar cells from silicon.

Iosil will manufacture polysilicon through a process that involves recycling the waste material created during production of silicon wafers for semiconductors and solar cells. The privately held company’s investors – a mix of venture capital firms – acquired the technical rights to the process from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2007 and have been developing it at the National Institute for Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta.

Fuller said one of the main reasons Iosil selected Central Ohio for the pilot plant is the region’s ample supply of chemical process engineers and manufacturing managers. The plant will need workers with that expertise and Fuller said he expects wages to average about $80,000 a year because of the high percentage of professionals to be employed .

Such high-paying, professional jobs in manufacturing will help Groveport broaden its business base, Green said in an e-mail to  Columbus Business First .

“Our economy is largely supported by warehousing and distribution,” he said, “so the Iosil project helps us diversify our business base a bit more and demonstrates that Groveport is a great location for more than distribution.”

Fuller said another factor in selecting Groveport was that the building’s owner and manager, Meritex Columbus LLC, offered a high-quality facility that will present well to visitors, investors and suppliers. Iosil is taking about a third of the 116,200-square-foot building with the rest leased by UPS Mail Innovation and HP Products, said  Jill Evans , Meritex’s portfolio manager.

Iosil also has found Ohio’s business climate to be friendly to renewable energy companies, with Fuller saying TechColumbus,  Edison Welding Institute Ohio State University  and others have already been supportive.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ohio legislators in 2008 created a renewable energy standard that requires 0.5 percent of the state’s electricity to come from solar energy by 2025. That seems to have gotten business and government leaders excited about recruiting companies such as Iosil, Fuller said.

“Everybody perks up,” he said, “and welcomes you when they hear a solar business is interested in locating in Ohio.” http://www.bizjournals.com

Lumidigm Receives Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation of the Year Award for

Fingerprint Biometrics.  

Albuquerque, New Mexico — November 10, 2010 — Lumidigm today announced that the research firm Frost & Sullivan has found Lumidigm to be at the top of its class in fingerprint biometrics product innovations . The 50-year old research firm has awarded the New Product Innovation of the Year Award, Fingerprint Biometrics, North America, 2010, to Lumidigm. According to Frost & Sullivan, Lumidigm’s “innovative technology allows Lumidigm fingerprint sensors to provide highly accurate biometric data even in adverse conditions where traditional fingerprint sensors fail.”

“Lumidigm’s sensors do more to meet performance requirements than the fingerprint sensors of any other vendor surveyed,” relates Raman Monga , industry manager for Frost & Sullivan’s electronics group. “Since they are small, light and compatible, possessing multiple communication interfaces, Lumidigm biometric sensors can be easily integrated into any existing system. The return-on-investment (ROI) of Lumidigm sensors is much higher than that of traditional biometric sensors.”

“For many years now, the promise of biometrics has not been fully realized in large part because conventional biometric technologies rely on unobstructed and complete contact between the fingerprint and the sensor, a condition that is elusive in a world that is wet, dry, or dirty and where users are not all young office workers with great skin who are experienced at using biometrics,” emphasizes Phil Scarfo , Lumidigm senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. “Frost & Sullivan has recognized that Lumidigm’s more effective solution, based on using multiple spectrums of light and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, provides results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper resistant.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, the biometrics industry averages for False Accept Rates (FAR) and False Reject Rates (FRR) are unacceptably high due to problems with data collection and poor image quality. That’s because, Scarfo explains, traditional technologies rely solely on surface fingerprint characteristics that can be obscured by moisture, dirt or wear. Meanwhile, the “inner fingerprint” lies undisturbed and unaltered beneath the surface. Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology combines surface fingerprint information with subsurface fingerprint information and reassembles it in an intelligent and integrated manner, resulting in superior biometric performance.

“While fingerprints should be more convenient, cost-effective, and secure than other forms of authentication, conventional fingerprint sensors simply don’t deliver the real world performance required to meet customer expectations in many applications,” adds Scarfo. “As this award underscores, Lumidigm sensors can be reliably used for getting on a company’s data network, operating a forklift, signing for merchandise, creating major Citizen ID programs and virtually every type of application in which organizations now feel forced to use cards, keys or PINs. Biometrics can finally get beyond the door.” www.lumidigm.com

EPIC Team Highlights

Kara Jaggi gets promotion:  "New Mom!"

Kara Jaggi, former Office Manager of Epic Ventures, has moved on after nearly three years with the company.  Kara and her husband have started a family and she wanted to be home with her son.  EPIC Ventures cannot thank Kara enough for her years of dedicated expertise.  She was an absolute joy to work with and will be missed dearly.  We hope to see her soon as she will be back to help with our Annual Parters Meeting in March.  Thank you Kara!

Hailey Oram joins EPIC Ventures

Hailey Oram is the Office Manager at EPIC Ventures where she is responsible for the daily office operations, scheduling, investment documentation and record keeping and event planning. Prior to joining EPIC, Hailey was an Administrative Assistant in the Corporate Tax Department of Zions Bancorporation. She is currently attending Weber State University where she will receive a B.S. in English Education.       


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Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

October 5 – MD4 Utah 2010 Summit – SLC, UT (Kent as Funding & Deal Flow Panel member)

October 6 – Governor’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Roundtable – SLC, UT (Kent)

October 6 – Utah Youth Village Helping Hands Gala – SLC, UT (Ryan H.)

October 7-8 – Perfect Business Summit 2010 – Las Vegas, NV (Kent)

October 7-8 – Game Developers Conference Online- Austin, TX (Stephanie)

October 11 – CleanTech Open – Denver, CO (Kent as a judge and panelist)

October 12 – NMBio Luncheon and Seminar – Albuquerque, NM (Katie on the board of NMBio)

October 14 – Entrepreneur Summit and NM WIRED Event – Albuquerque, NM (Katie on the board of NM WIRED)

October 27 – Ignite New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM (Katie as a judge)

October 28 – Plug and Play iEXPO – Sunnyvale, CA (Katie participating)

October 29 – UTC Hall of Fame – SLC, UT (Chris & Kent)

October 30 – Utah Entrepreneur Challenge – SLC, UT (Kent as a speaker)

November 4 – Utah 2010 Angel Investor Update – SLC, UT (Kent)

November 4 – OEN Venture Northwest – Portland, OR (Ryan D.)

November 15-17 – Intel Capital CEO Summit – Huntington Beach, CA (Chris)

November 15-18 – DFJ Mega Week – Half Moon Bay, CA (Kent and Katie)

December 8-10 – Invest Southwest – Scottsdale, AZ (Stephanie as chair)

December 14 – NMBio Holiday Luncheon and Seminar (Katie on the board of NMBio)

January 12 – Women Tech Awards Finalist Circle Invitation- SLC, UT (Chris)

January 18 – Medsphere Board of Directors Dinner (Nick)

January 20 EPIC Board of Directors Committee Meetings-Salt Lake City, UT (Nick, Chris, Kent, Ryan D.)

January 27-29 – UVF Private Equity Summit (Nick, Kent, Chris)

January 28- UVF Disruptive Technologies Panel (Chris)

February 1-2- AHN Advisory Board of Directors Meeting- Scottsdale, AZ (Nick)

February 11 – Investors Choice Ski Day- Deer Valley Resort, UT (Kent)

February 18-20 – Mensa E-gaming Colloquium- Austin, TX (Stephanie)

March 11-12
EPIC Ventures Annual Limited Partner Meeting- Salt Lake City, Utah (EPIC Team)

News/Press Articles

iovation: Thank you! Together, we stopped 35 million fraud attempts in 2010!

As the holidays find many of us spending time with family and friends, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication this past year. Combating online fraud and abuse is no easy task and we don’t do it alone. We work in concert with thousands of virtual crime fighters around the globe. It takes tremendous focus, discipline and collaboration, something each of our customers, partners and employees prove every day.

In 2010, we screened nearly 2 billion transactions and stopped over 35 million fraud attempts. The collaboration we support and the meaningful impact we have in stopping all types of online fraud and abuse are part of what makes us proud of what we do here at iovation.

This was our most successful year ever and we have even higher expectations for next year. Thanks for working with us to make the Internet a safer place. Here’s to seeing what we can accomplish together in 2011. www.iovation.com

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